How to Plan the Perfect Picnic In Jacksonville

A picnic is a different way to enjoy eating away from home with our friends, family or our partner.

Jacksonville is an ideal place to enjoy the good weather outdoors and to leave our routine changing the artificial light by natural light, with the sounds, the views, the wind, the breeze, the aromas and colors that nature offers us. To some that just moved here, they can surely have a regular picnic due to the nature of the city.

You may not be living in Jacksonville, but you may decide to move there because of the joy the city it brings to you such as the beaches, culture, people, etc. It is not also difficult to move there because you can contact a moving company in Jacksonville that can assist you to have a smooth move.

One of the advantages of having a picnic in Jacksonville is its great versatility because you can do it wherever you want: in the countryside, the beach, the pool, the river, the park, the mountain. When you want: for breakfast, lunch, lunch or dinner. And as you like, from the simplest to the most sophisticated or romantic. Once you have decided where and at what time of day to make the picnic you will only have to decide what food to bring.

It is true that not everyone shares this hobby, but in some cases, I have come voices of people who are attracted to the idea but when they put it into practice the thing does not go so well, the sand of the beach enters the dishes, ants eat food, macaroni are cold.

Going to a picnic seems easy, but to make sure it"s a success it"s important to plan well.

Choosing a good site is important. Any place is suitable for a break, but not all will be equally successful. Going to eat at a beach in winter is very nice, but if it"s a windy day, it"s not worth it if you do not want to end up eating sand. If you choose a mountain are, and you enter the forest you should find a place with comfortable rocks to sit or wait to reach an open meadow.

It is important to be well equipped. It is best to have a good pair of backpacks where weight can be divided. Make sure that all the containers you put in your backpack are tightly closed.

Choosing the food that we are going to take will also help us. It"s okay to bring things that can be shared and nutritious at the same time. If you have salads and want to dress them with vinegar,  one trick is to put the vinegar in the bottom of the bowl and then the rest of the ingredients of the salad ending with the lettuce above everything. This way you avoid that the vinegar alter the properties of some vegetables causing them to lose freshness and at the same time you will not carry more weight.

Avoid bags of potatoes or other snacks. They take away the appetite and do not give energy for a day in the field. Also, there is always a danger that a little wind will carry the bag away.

Fruit or dried fruits pieces can become the star product of the day. If they are of ecological production, you will not need to peel them and if you transport them without peeling or cutting they will keep their properties better.

If you are going with children, you will love to entertain yourself by looking for twigs to build a hut or to make an imaginary fire, or any game they devise taking advantage of the environment.

A good cloth that can serve as a tablecloth for food, but also for a post-picnic nap that we all love. Besides, it can shelter if the weather changes and we do not have enough shed.

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What to Pack for a Jacksonville Weekend Trip


Preparing for Moving Out Of State

Transferring outside the state requires careful planning to minimize the number of things to move and to ensure that packages arrive in good condition. Just take those things you want to keep and dampen everything that can break with bubble wrap, newspaper or bedding. Protect your belongings while in transit and follow the packing guidelines of all insurance policies.

Preparations for packaging

Get rid of everything you do not want to carry. Pack things that are worthwhile to carry over long distances. Clean storage areas, closets, basement, attic or garage. Sort items that you want to put in the trash, donate to charity and things you want to keep. Sell your items by having a garage sale or through to get rid of them. Use up or give away all flammable liquids, articles and any hazardous materials. Charities such as the Salvation Army can collect furniture and other unwanted items for free.

Gather packing materials. Collect boxes used by retail stores. Ask liquor stores for cardboard boxes with partitions that can be used to pack breakable vessels. It is also cheaper to purchase bubble wrap and packing tape in bulk from wholesale club stores or home improvement. Gather used newspapers from friends and neighbors so you can use them as fillers. Get permanent markers for labeling boxes.You can buy specialized boxes such as closets from moving truck rental companies, stores or home improvement. Ponte Vedra Beach movers also provide such supplies and packing services.

Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Some renters, homeowners, and auto insurance policies have clauses that can cover items during the move. Understand if you are insured and the amount of coverage you have. Be sure to follow all matters relating to insurance. Estimate the value of everything that will happen. Keep the policy with you. Take pictures of everything before you start packing.
To learn more about reliable movers in the Jacksonville area check this Jacksonville moving company reviews.

Organize your package

Segregate things you will immediately need and keep them with you. You may need these items before the movers deliver your furniture. Even if you"re moving, it is easier if you can immediately pull out the things that you first need. For example, a reasonable pair of clothing, toiletries, a broom, and keys. Separate items that are considered personal, confidential or not replaceable. Make sure you have these things with you and as much as possible, do not allow the movers to handle them. Such items include personal documents such as tax forms, checkbooks and credit cards. Don"t send irreplaceable photos and sentimental relics with the moving trucks.

Clean items before packing them. Inspect all and note their condition. Dismount long or hard objects such as bicycles. Put small pieces such as screws in a sealable bag for larger screw in the same box part.

Pack boxes tightly carefully moving items around to find the perfect fit. Nothing should move inside the box during the transport. Movers will store your packages on top of each other in the moving truck, so all sides, top, and bottom should be cushioned with crumpled newspapers. Be creative when packing, find the combination of things that fit in the box together. Boxes should be taped along the seams and across the width of the box. The tape should be overlapping to ensure stitching. Write “Fragile" in large letters on all sides of the boxes with fragile items. Make sure the boxes are not too heavy. Moving companies sometimes charge extra for heavy boxes.
Label each box with a marker. In a spiral notebook. List the number and content of the package. Take note of the number of boxes including the pieces of furniture. Moving companies also paste colored numbers in each box, but keep your list. Your list will help you know which room each box should go when the package arrives at your new home. Use your list to check and verify receipt of each item during the delivery.

Read all documentation and contracts to ensure you meet their packaging requirements. There might be some items that movers may not accept. Prepare to make other arrangements for sending them such as Federal Express or just bring them in your car.

Read this article to check the places that you should visit in Jacksonville.

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What to Pack for a Jacksonville Weekend Trip

Packing can be a difficult task if you don"t know what you"re going to bring to a particular location. Every place can have different weather conditions and situations that will make your luggage contain not the usual. To help you get a great travel experience in Jacksonville, here"s a checklist of things that you should include in your luggage:


Pack clothes that you"re able to layer quite easily. For those hot summer days, you should stick to light cotton clothing and avoid wearing heavy fabrics that would just make you uncomfortable. As they say it, less is more. Shorts, skirts and dresses are the best choices to stay fashionable despite the Florida heat. If you"re planning to head down to the beaches, make sure to bring swimsuits, cover-ups and flip-flops. Don"t forget to bring a formal attire for a lovely dinner. A wide-brimmed hat is good way to have some protection from the sun.


Sunscreen will be your companion if you want to enjoy your trip in Jacksonville. Bring along burn cream if you have sensitive skin that easily gets burned under the hot sun. You may place them 3 to 4 oz containers. Hotels may provide the toiletries that you need but if you"re pretty particular about what you"re used to using, bring along your personal choices. Never forget to bring bug spray as you might encounter some mosquitoes and bugs if you"re planning to go on some nature trails. If you forgot to bring some of these, you can always but them at convenience stores all around Jacksonville.


Bring along the necessary items that you need to add more entertainment during your trip. If you love to capture captivating photos or memories of your experience, bring your camera or you could just stick to your mobile phone if you want. You can also bring the book that you"re planning to read to kill time on the beach or a music player that make it a more relaxing moment.

Other stuff

You can pack along a map or just use an app to navigate around the city. Make sure as well to have your list of must-visit places or you can go absolutely random and ask the locals about where to go.

5 Gems You Should Visit in Jacksonville

In our travels, we always wanted to experience something that could help us understand the culture of the place we visit. In Jacksonville, there are some great places that we can call “gems" for being sensational. Here are 5 places you should not miss!

Atlantic Beach

800 Beach Ave
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

A great way to unwind is to enjoy sparkling waters without the problem of sharing the space with a large crowd. It"s a pet-friendly beach where you can unleash your dog and enjoy swimming the cool waters. If you want to bite on something, you can head along to some strips of restaurants that would suit to your liking. It"s a little beach town so, it"s not that crowded and you can have sufficient parking areas.

Riverside Arts Market

715 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32204

This is the perfect place to find organic produce such as vegetables, meat and so on. You can also enjoy live music while you"re browsing at great craft selections from local artists. If you"re hungry, local food vendors such as some food trucks are ready to give you a satisfying meal as you take a little adventure at this market. If you have a free Saturday, make sure you spend it here to get more of the local culture in Jacksonville.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

500 Wonderwood Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32233

What makes this park great is because you can enjoy different views as there is a beach on one side and a lake on the other side. You can also enjoy camping here as they have complete amenities such as cabins and great campsites fit for all your needs. There"a also some kayaks and several picnic tables to enjoy a nice meal together with your family or friends. Hikers and bikers could have a blast here trekking a long trail while appreciating the natural landscape.

St Johns Town Center

4663 River City Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246

A beautiful mall with a nice layout which has a wide assortment of shops and restaurants for all your needs. You can enjoy window shopping or check different brands that you would love to try. Let your inner shopaholic embrace this great shopping venue. Parking can be a bit of a problem as a lot of people would come here but just try to arrive a bit earlier to secure your own parking spot.

Bold City Brewery

2670-7 Roselle St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

A nice, cold drink of ale always makes your day a bit refreshing. Bold CIty boasts of warm staff, great ambiance and tasty beer recommendations that are too good to pass! They also have some exciting twists on classic flavors which are definitely rare and hard to find. Aside from great-tasting beer, they have a nice selection of food to munch on while spending a lovely day to yourself.

5 Tips In Choosing A Moving Company in Jacksonville

Among moving companies in Jacksonville, FL, there are some that are superb. So you"re ready for a move, and you have to choose a moving company to help you, we"ll give you an idea where to start. Several companies are more than happy to assist you through a successful move as long as you choose the right one.

When selecting a high-quality moving company, but there are some general rules that you want to keep in mind to help you work with the right people. In simple terms, a good moving company will make your next move a dream, and a bad moving company can make your entire life a nightmare. An exceptional team will move your stuff in a speedy manner, but a bad team may lose or break your belongings and may take time in delivering your items.

The headaches you have to deal with when hiring a grumpy moving company is not worth it. It"s better to hire a good company and let them take care of your move. To help you complete your quest in hiring the best movers, read the following tips that might just work for you.

Ask other people who have moved recently for recommendations. Word-of-mouth advertising and marketing are usually much more efficient and reputable than hefty promos paper, flyers or phone books. Get several quotes from more than one moving company. Do not choose the cheapest moving company, and never think that you will have better service, the more money you pay. Investigate local moving business associations for problems or claims against movers. You need to confirm if the movers have a registered business with properly licensed committees and agencies.

Ask prospect movers about their willingness to fit your schedule. Companies who follow up with applications and offer exceptional customer support is more likely to be respected than those who do not. Likewise, ask a representative to make sure your home to deliver an in-home estimate of the move.

Look for movers provide insurance to protect damaged goods and property. Even if you can pay extra for insurance, it is worth the extra cost security for your belongings. Also, it"s an excellent way to make sure that your fragile items are in good hands.

Ask the moving company how they pack and their other features. Inquire about their services and if they provide moving supplies Jacksonville FL has in store. Also, find out how they store belongings in a storage facility, you may want to have immediate access to them. If possible, make a visit to their storage units.

Take your time when hiring a moving company as it"s critical to your success to move without any problems or concerns. Even with the best moving company to lend you a hand, there is no guarantee that the move will go as smooth as you want. Weather, traffic, and emergency situations all play a role in your whole moving experience.

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5 Hidden Gems in Jacksonville You Should Discover

Tired of visiting the usual places? Do you want to explore something out of the ordinary? Here are 5 hidden gems in Jacksonville that will truly make you happy in discovering them:

Chamblin’s Uptown

215 N Laura St,
Jacksonville, FL

Are you searching for exciting and rare books? Tired of regular bookstores that offer a small collection? Consider this place to be a paradise for book lovers where you can feast your eyes on a plethora of literature fit to your liking. Some enthusiasts even go beyond liking by creating a map or a walkthrough of this bibliophiliac maze. If you want to get away from it all and just unwind with a book in hand, this place would simply be perfect.

Pinegrove Market & Deli

1511 Pinegrove Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Prepare yourself to be amazed with butcher-style meats that you would definitely want to have on your table. They have sensational handmade burgers (Try the Lamb burgers!) as well that you can"t wait to try out and divulge your taste buds on. They create the burgers as you order them! Steaks, sausages and chips, what"s more to ask? Heavenly sandwiches, delish seafood and delightful specials to make your day, well, special. When you get here, order the Cuban sandwich and you"ll never be disappointed.

Open Sushi

9930 Old Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256

When we think of Japanese food, sushi immediately comes into mind. A beautifully designed joint that serves a veriety of fresh sushi and sashimi that will satisfy your search for Japanese flavor. Indulge your appetite in creative and colorful rolls that not only eye-catching but tasteworthy! A beautiful presentation always works perfectly with a delectable flavor served in a very timely and not rushed manner.

Ariana Kabob & Grill

10916 Atlantic Blvd
Ste 6
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Don"t be discouraged by the restaurant"s small apperance for their menu is something worth tasting! It"s hard to search for authentic Middle Eastern flavors that really transports you and your senses. They have a variety of food such as shawarma, burgers, mantu, kabob and so on. Their hummus and baba ganoush is worth ordering. Spices, herbs, sliced meat and many other awesome flavors to look forward to!

Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens

1445 Millcoe Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

What"s the best way to celebrate your love for horticulture rather than be exposed to different kids of flora and fauna? Get in touch with nature by talking a lovely walk on their great trail and take stunning photographs of anything that catches your eye. Despite the fact that it"s a free park, the site is clean and maintained properly. If you want to help the park remain in top shape, they accept donations.