5 Gems You Should Visit in Jacksonville

In our travels, we always wanted to experience something that could help us understand the culture of the place we visit. In Jacksonville, there are some great places that we can call “gems” for being sensational. Here are 5 places you should not miss!

Atlantic Beach

800 Beach Ave
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

A great way to unwind is to enjoy sparkling waters without the problem of sharing the space with a large crowd. It’s a pet-friendly beach where you can unleash your dog and enjoy swimming the cool waters. If you want to bite on something, you can head along to some strips of restaurants that would suit to your liking. It’s a little beach town so, it’s not that crowded and you can have sufficient parking areas.

Riverside Arts Market

715 Riverside Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32204

This is the perfect place to find organic produce such as vegetables, meat and so on. You can also enjoy live music while you’re browsing at great craft selections from local artists. If you’re hungry, local food vendors such as some food trucks are ready to give you a satisfying meal as you take a little adventure at this market. If you have a free Saturday, make sure you spend it here to get more of the local culture in Jacksonville.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

500 Wonderwood Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32233

What makes this park great is because you can enjoy different views as there is a beach on one side and a lake on the other side. You can also enjoy camping here as they have complete amenities such as cabins and great campsites fit for all your needs. There’a also some kayaks and several picnic tables to enjoy a nice meal together with your family or friends. Hikers and bikers could have a blast here trekking a long trail while appreciating the natural landscape.

St Johns Town Center

4663 River City Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246

A beautiful mall with a nice layout which has a wide assortment of shops and restaurants for all your needs. You can enjoy window shopping or check different brands that you would love to try. Let your inner shopaholic embrace this great shopping venue. Parking can be a bit of a problem as a lot of people would come here but just try to arrive a bit earlier to secure your own parking spot.

Bold City Brewery

2670-7 Roselle St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

A nice, cold drink of ale always makes your day a bit refreshing. Bold CIty boasts of warm staff, great ambiance and tasty beer recommendations that are too good to pass! They also have some exciting twists on classic flavors which are definitely rare and hard to find. Aside from great-tasting beer, they have a nice selection of food to munch on while spending a lovely day to yourself.

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