The Well Workplace Awards

Building a World Class Wellness Program:
The Well Workplace Awards

The Coveted Well Workplace Award
Established in 1991, the Well Workplace Awards initiative is an international recognition program of the Wellness Councils of America and the Wellness Council of Florida. Well Workplace is not a competition whereby only a small number of companies can achieve an award, rather it is a recognition project where an award can be achieved by any company that meets the rigorous standards set forth by our organization.

The Levels of Achievement

  • Bronze – A Well Workplace Bronze Award recognizes organizations that have met the minimum set of criteria. Bronze recipients have demonstrated that they have developed a solid foundation for success. Most often, Bronze designations are awarded to programs that are just getting underway.
  • Silver – A Well Workplace Silver Award recognizes organizations that have expanded their wellness programs beyond awareness and education. Specifically, the Silver-level standards challenge organizations to incorporate supportive policies, increase senior level support, expand resources, and, concentrate on individual behavior change. Most often, Silver designations are awarded to organizations that are experiencing rapid growth and greater acceptance within their organizations.
  • Gold – A Well Workplace Gold Award recognizes organizations that have developed comprehensive, results-oriented programs. Gold Award recipients not only have comprehensive programs that have been openly identified as a strategic and integral part of the business, but they are also demonstrating clear outcomes. Gold designations are awarded to organizations that have developed the finest wellness programs in the country.