Why Wellness Council of Florida Membership?

Perhaps the greatest single challenge you’ll face in the new millennium is keeping your employees healthy and productive. Plain and simple, a healthy corporate culture can mean the difference between success and failure. And whether we like it or not, as business and health professionals, the responsibility for getting the job done falls squarely on our shoulders.

But did you know that the vast majority of corporate wellness activities developed and delivered today fail to produce bottom-line results?

We at the Wellness Council of Florida—one of the country’s most trusted voices on workplace health promotion—believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth of the matter is…when it comes to keeping your employees healthy and productive…the amount of success you’ll have is directly related to how much you know.

And that’s the reason for WCOFL Membership!

In a corporate environment that’s obsessed with reducing health care costs, enhancing productivity, retaining key employees, and attracting new talent, it’s important that you have a reputable source that you can turn to when you need leading-edge corporate wellness information.

That’s why we’ve created this essential and exciting opportunity exclusively for business and health professionals who are charged with creating healthy corporate cultures. Throughout our site, you’ll find important information from the Wellness Councils of America about one of the most pressing topics facing organizations today—improving productivity and enhancing employee health and well being.

Benefits of Membership

1. “How-To” Guides
As a member, you’ll get our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to deliver great wellness programs—and receive new guides every quarter!

2. Monthly Magazine
Each month, you’ll receive great tips, strategies, and insights from the nation’s best minds in workplace wellness through our dynamic Absolute Advantage magazine.

Features like “Best Practices” and “In the Trenches” give you an in-depth look at successful wellness programs, and sections like “What Works” and “Tips” offer practical, effective advice on how to improve your own wellness program.

Plus, every issue has even more stories, interviews, facts and information online at InfoPoint, the WELCOA members’ website!

3. Presentations
As a member, you’ll receive quarterly “lunch ‘n learn” presentations. With great graphics and compelling content, you’ll deliver programs like a pro.

4. Incentive Campaigns
Twice a year, you’ll get interactive incentive campaigns that come complete with everything you need from planning guides to implementation tools.
Designed to get employees involved, these programs take the work out of workplace wellness.

5. Employee Health Info
Members receive four employee wellness bulletins and one employee quiz every month. Your employees will love reading them, and they’re guaranteed to save you big dollars because you can make and distribute unlimited copies!

6. Tools & Surveys
To help you save time and money, you’ll receive examples of all the surveys and tools you’ll need to collect data and evaluate program outcomes. They are from successful programs, so you know they work.

7. Case Studies
Each month, WCOFL members can read practical, fact-filled case studies online at InfoPoint, the WELCOA members’ website detailing the best practices of America’s healthiest companies.

8. Best Resources
Whether it’s HRA’s or pedometers, we’ll provide you with a list of the field’s best resources—and, in many instances, WCOFL members get great discounts!

9. Wellness Library
You’ll have access to a growing library of health and wellness information written by the nation’s experts. From HRA’s to incentives, it’s all here.

10. Fast Answers
When you become a member, you’ll get your pressing questions answered within 24 hours at Crossroads—our online discussion forum.