Building a Program

Building a World Class Wellness Program:
The Benefits of a Well Workplace Award

Florida’s Healthiest Companies
As one of the coveted worksite health promotion awards in North America, a Bronze, Silver or Gold “Well Workplace” designation carries with it significant benefits.

Here are three benefits of a Well Workplace Award:

1.) A Well Workplace Award Brings International Recognition
Our Well Workplace Award recipients receive international attention when they become part of our growing list of Florida’s Companies. In fact, each year the list of WELCOA Award Winners is widely circulated throughout the US and Canada.

2.) A Well Workplace Award Affiliates You with an Elite Group of Organizations
Only 400 companies nationwide have achieved the coveted Well Workplace Award. If your company can demonstrate that it has the “right stuff” to meet the requirements for a designation, you’ll be running with a very elite group of organizations.

3.) A Well Workplace Award Distinguishes Your Organization as an Employer of Choice
Plain and simple, a Well Workplace Award shows the rest of the world that you care about your employees and how they spend their time at work and home. As a result, Well Workplace Award winners attract better and brighter people.