Health Risk Appraisals

Health Risk Appraisals

While health promotion and wellness programs have become increasingly popular at the worksite, so has the need to build a program that works. And, in order to build a program that works, you have to change your employee’s lifestyle behaviors. So how do you begin to keep track of your employee’s behaviors? Simple, utilize a health risk appraisal and track their health behaviors over time.

Health risk appraisals or HRA’s serve as tools for collecting health information and measurements of employee’s health habits and current health status. Used by companies of all sizes and industries, HRA’s help companies identify their populations’ problems or target areas. Used simply as an assessment tool, they can be very helpful in tackling the issues of programming. By identifying your highest areas of concern (i.e. high blood pressures and poor nutrition habits) you can effectively target your programs to meet the needs of your employees and the organization. They may also help companies track their employees over several years, which serves as an excellent tool for identifying if your programs have been making a difference.

The other very important key to health risk appraisals is that they identify your high-risk employees — those who are consuming most of your health care costs. By identifying those individuals you can effectively manipulate your programs to get them involved.

Health risk appraisals can be very simple to elaborate — the key is to identify the right tool for your company. Listed below are a few of the numerous companies offering assessments on the market today. While the list is very short, we recognize there may be other tools out there worth consideration — for any oversight we apologize.