How to Plan the Perfect Picnic In Jacksonville

A picnic is a different way to enjoy eating away from home with our friends, family or our partner.

Jacksonville is an ideal place to enjoy the good weather outdoors and to leave our routine changing the artificial light by natural light, with the sounds, the views, the wind, the breeze, the aromas and colors that nature offers us. To some that just moved here, they can surely have a regular picnic due to the nature of the city.

You may not be living in Jacksonville, but you may decide to move there because of the joy the city it brings to you such as the beaches, culture, people, etc. It is not also difficult to move there because you can contact a moving company in Jacksonville that can assist you to have a smooth move.

One of the advantages of having a picnic in Jacksonville is its great versatility because you can do it wherever you want: in the countryside, the beach, the pool, the river, the park, the mountain. When you want: for breakfast, lunch, lunch or dinner. And as you like, from the simplest to the most sophisticated or romantic. Once you have decided where and at what time of day to make the picnic you will only have to decide what food to bring.

It is true that not everyone shares this hobby, but in some cases, I have come voices of people who are attracted to the idea but when they put it into practice the thing does not go so well, the sand of the beach enters the dishes, ants eat food, macaroni are cold.

Going to a picnic seems easy, but to make sure it’s a success it’s important to plan well.

Choosing a good site is important. Any place is suitable for a break, but not all will be equally successful. Going to eat at a beach in winter is very nice, but if it’s a windy day, it’s not worth it if you do not want to end up eating sand. If you choose a mountain are, and you enter the forest you should find a place with comfortable rocks to sit or wait to reach an open meadow.

It is important to be well equipped. It is best to have a good pair of backpacks where weight can be divided. Make sure that all the containers you put in your backpack are tightly closed.

Choosing the food that we are going to take will also help us. It’s okay to bring things that can be shared and nutritious at the same time. If you have salads and want to dress them with vinegar, ¬†one trick is to put the vinegar in the bottom of the bowl and then the rest of the ingredients of the salad ending with the lettuce above everything. This way you avoid that the vinegar alter the properties of some vegetables causing them to lose freshness and at the same time you will not carry more weight.

Avoid bags of potatoes or other snacks. They take away the appetite and do not give energy for a day in the field. Also, there is always a danger that a little wind will carry the bag away.

Fruit or dried fruits pieces can become the star product of the day. If they are of ecological production, you will not need to peel them and if you transport them without peeling or cutting they will keep their properties better.

If you are going with children, you will love to entertain yourself by looking for twigs to build a hut or to make an imaginary fire, or any game they devise taking advantage of the environment.

A good cloth that can serve as a tablecloth for food, but also for a post-picnic nap that we all love. Besides, it can shelter if the weather changes and we do not have enough shed.

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