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Don’t trust your long distance move to just any old company. If you’re making a move across the country, you need professionals on your team to help handle the logistics. Moving in Lake Forest Hills, Florida isn’t easy as you thought it would be. During a time that is undoubtedly already hectic, trusting your move to the experts.

When relocating and hiring a moving company to take you across the country to another state, there are five things you shouldn’t do. Some of them might seem obvious, but something as simple as having a pen and paper ready to check off items as they’re unloaded from the truck will save you a lot of time and aggravation later on.

That’s a common question, because the moving services most people use when they relocate are either the DIY, “rent a truck and drive it yourself” variety, or the traditional type of long distance moving services in which your belongings may be added to another scheduled move depending on the moving company’s schedule. Long distance moving can be complicated. That doesn’t mean it should be stressful.

Additionally, you can view your rights as a customer of a long-distance moving company. It is important that you can distinguish reputable Moving Companies in 32201 from fraudulent or “rogue” movers who have been known for holding personal property hostage for additional fees and other scams.

Moving Companies For Long Distance in Lake Forest Hills

There are a lot of places to buy packing supplies, but boxes and tape can add up to quite a bit of money. You can avoid this additional cost by hitting up one of quite a few places handing out free boxes. Most retailers receive a lot of shipments, but your best bet is to contact furniture stores.

Have a yard sale or garage sale and get rid of unused or unwanted items. Assign a different color duct tape to each room, so the boxes are more accessible to identify. Pack a clear “First Day Essentials” bin filled with the things you’ll need most as soon as you arrive at your new home.

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Many people might not even know where, to begin with, the packing, but relax: Packing a pod for a long distance or interstate move is more comfortable in some ways because you can usually take more time to pack, and can wrap it with the unloading process in mind. Once the container is packed up and picked up, it stays securely closed and locked until it’s at your destination and you’re ready to unpack it.

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Use plastic wrap or paper and tape to wrap silverware trays. This keeps all your flatware together and makes unpacking a breeze! Use large Ziploc bags to keep kitchen and bathroom drawer things together. It’s so much easier to empty when all the small drawer items are together!

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Pack spices in a large slow cooker or pot to save space. This tip can be applied towards any large item like baskets, trash cans, etc. Fill up their space with smaller items. Use cardboard dish pack partitions to pack breakables. They are perfect to insert inside moving boxes and protect glass cups and dishes from breaking.

If there are any boxes or items missing, don’t sign the paperwork. The move must be completed before you sign. Once you sign that you’ve received everything, it’s hard to go back to the company to say that something is missing. Count the boxes and recount them, making sure you conduct a home inventory.

While this is true for all moves, long distance Movers For Long Distance in Duval County, Florida is even more tricky. Make sure you read everything thoroughly and ask questions when you need clarification. If you see a list of additional fees, ask the mover to explain what each means and how they apply to your move.

Long Distance Moving Tips in Lake Forest Hills, Florida

Important items, such as your passport, accounting records, school records, jewelry or other things that are critical, should be carried with you, not with the mover. Check out a complete list of what not to pack such essential items aren’t lost during the move and things that shouldn’t be packed, aren’t.

It is where unpacking after a move and doing it quickly is essential. Often, open every box first to make sure nothing has been damaged during the move before fully unpacking. The longer you wait to make a claim, the less likely it is that your claim will be accepted.

No loose items remain on top of dressers or shelves, at the backs of closets, or under the beds. If appliances are going, they’ve been disconnected, thawed, and emptied of contents. Items not going to the new home are either isolated in a particular room or corner of a place, or they’re labeled with a brightly colored sticky note or piece of paper. Pack boxes firmly from bottom to the very top both to prevent the contents from shifting during your move and to prevent the box from crushing underweight.