Preparing for Moving Out Of State

Transferring outside the state requires careful planning to minimize the number of things to move and to ensure that packages arrive in good condition. Just take those things you want to keep and dampen everything that can break with bubble wrap, newspaper or bedding. Protect your belongings while in transit and follow the packing guidelines of all insurance policies.

Preparations for packaging

Get rid of everything you do not want to carry. Pack things that are worthwhile to carry over long distances. Clean storage areas, closets, basement, attic or garage. Sort items that you want to put in the trash, donate to charity and things you want to keep. Sell your items by having a garage sale or through to get rid of them. Use up or give away all flammable liquids, articles and any hazardous materials. Charities such as the Salvation Army can collect furniture and other unwanted items for free.

Gather packing materials. Collect boxes used by retail stores. Ask liquor stores for cardboard boxes with partitions that can be used to pack breakable vessels. It is also cheaper to purchase bubble wrap and packing tape in bulk from wholesale club stores or home improvement. Gather used newspapers from friends and neighbors so you can use them as fillers. Get permanent markers for labeling boxes.You can buy specialized boxes such as closets from moving truck rental companies, stores or home improvement. Ponte Vedra Beach movers also provide such supplies and packing services.

Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Some renters, homeowners, and auto insurance policies have clauses that can cover items during the move. Understand if you are insured and the amount of coverage you have. Be sure to follow all matters relating to insurance. Estimate the value of everything that will happen. Keep the policy with you. Take pictures of everything before you start packing.
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Organize your package

Segregate things you will immediately need and keep them with you. You may need these items before the movers deliver your furniture. Even if you’re moving, it is easier if you can immediately pull out the things that you first need. For example, a reasonable pair of clothing, toiletries, a broom, and keys. Separate items that are considered personal, confidential or not replaceable. Make sure you have these things with you and as much as possible, do not allow the movers to handle them. Such items include personal documents such as tax forms, checkbooks and credit cards. Don’t send irreplaceable photos and sentimental relics with the moving trucks.

Clean items before packing them. Inspect all and note their condition. Dismount long or hard objects such as bicycles. Put small pieces such as screws in a sealable bag for larger screw in the same box part.

Pack boxes tightly carefully moving items around to find the perfect fit. Nothing should move inside the box during the transport. Movers will store your packages on top of each other in the moving truck, so all sides, top, and bottom should be cushioned with crumpled newspapers. Be creative when packing, find the combination of things that fit in the box together. Boxes should be taped along the seams and across the width of the box. The tape should be overlapping to ensure stitching. Write “Fragile” in large letters on all sides of the boxes with fragile items. Make sure the boxes are not too heavy. Moving companies sometimes charge extra for heavy boxes.
Label each box with a marker. In a spiral notebook. List the number and content of the package. Take note of the number of boxes including the pieces of furniture. Moving companies also paste colored numbers in each box, but keep your list. Your list will help you know which room each box should go when the package arrives at your new home. Use your list to check and verify receipt of each item during the delivery.

Read all documentation and contracts to ensure you meet their packaging requirements. There might be some items that movers may not accept. Prepare to make other arrangements for sending them such as Federal Express or just bring them in your car.

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