The Process

Building a World Class Wellness Program:
The Well Workplace Process

Designation and recognition is available to organizations of all sizes and purposes. In fact, hospitals, Fortune 500 corporations, universities, government agencies as well as medium and small-sized companies have all received Well Workplace designations.

Getting Started
Here’s how the Well Workplace Process Works

Step #1: Membership
The first step to getting involved in the Well Workplace Process is membership in the Wellness Council of Florida. As a member , you become part of the WELCOA family and our Executive Director will give you specialized attention.

Step #2: Completion of the Well Workplace Checklist
Once you become a WCOFL member, a staff member will work with you to complete our patented Well Workplace Checklist. From the results of the checklist, we’ll work together to determine what key programming elements (if any) need to be addressed in order meet the criteria for a Bronze, Silver or Gold level designation.

Step #3: Formal Completion of the Well Workplace Application
Once the checklist and consultation are completed, it’s time to begin work on either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level application. Through years of experience and input from our previous Award winners, we guarantee that you’ll find the application process to be both challenging and stimulating.

Step #4: Application Review By the Wellness Councils of America
Having completed the formal application process, The Wellness Council of Florida will forward your entire application to the national WELCOA headquarters. Once received, your application will undergo intense and thoughtful review. If certain sections need additional documentation and/or clarification, the WCOFL staff will work with you to make sure all of the details have been addressed.

Step #5: Notification
All applicants are notified of the Reviewer’s decisions within eight weeks of submission.