Well City, USA

Building a World Class Wellness Program:
Well City USA

Working Well As a Business Community
Well City USA is an initiative that evolved out of the Well Workplace Awards Initiative. Similar to the Well Workplace Awards Initiative, the objective of Well City USA is to engage entire business communities in building healthy workforces.

Here’s how it works. In order to achieve Well City USA status, 20% of any community’s working population must be employed by either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Well Workplace designated companies.

Three Cities Achieve Elite Well City USA Status
Sounds ambitious? It is. Indeed, communities nationwide have achieved the elite Well City USA status — Jacksonville, FL (1995); Chattanooga, TN (1996); and Omaha, NE (1997).

Currently, there are over 10 cities across the US that are in pursuit of the next Well City USA designations, 2 of them are in Florida — Tallahassee and Gainesville.

For More Information For a complete description of the Well City USA project and how your business community can take part, contact the Wellness Council of Florida office.