What is a Well Workplace?

Building a World Class Wellness Program:
What is a Well Workplace?

A Systematic Approach to Worksite Wellness
Put simply, a “Well Workplace” is an organization that has embraced the responsibility for maximizing the health and well-being of their employees. In a “Well Workplace,” the vision of protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of each and every employee becomes part of the very fabric of the organization — not something extraneous and peripheral to the core business functions.

The Seven C’s of Worksite Wellness
At The Wellness Council of Florida we believe that seven basic steps drive the entire process of building a “Well Workplace.” Indeed, these seven steps are inherent in initiative that consistently produce results.

1.) Concentrating on Senior Level Support
2.) Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams
3.) Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts
4.) Crafting an Operating Plan
5.) Choosing Appropriate Interventions
6.) Creating a Supportive Environment
7.) Consistently Evaluating Outcomes

Putting Theory Into Practice
Having successfully adopted and incorporated WELCOA’s seven-step approach to program development, numerous organizations nationwide have developed identities and reputations as some of Florida’s healthiest companies — their stories and “best practices” are nothing short of inspiring.

Membership is the Key to Success
Learning more about the art and science of building a Well Workplace is the primary reason that most organizations become members of the Wellness Council of Florida. Through membership, 150+ organization’s have obtained access to our proven blueprint — including the materials that give them ideas, strategic directions, answers to the tough questions, and example and practices of the country’s most successful programs.